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Partial list of Collectors and Collections

Mr. & Mrs. Henry McK Ingersoll
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Newhouse
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Newhoff
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Robbins
Beatrice and Bruce Gould
Mr. Bobby Short
Mr. Van Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Dimwiddy Lampton
Capt. & Mrs. Tazwell Shepperd, Jr
Dr. & Mrs. James Welsh
Senator & Mrs. Edward Kennedy
Rep & Mrs. Paul Rogers
Senator & Mrs. John Sparkman
Mr. & Mrs. Finbar Kenny
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Hurlburt
Mrs Paley-Levy
Mr. Carl Van Vechten
Miss Ayn Rand
Mr. Barry Gray
Miss Chris Connor
Miss Janis Page
Mr. Monty Morgan
Miss Ruth St. Denis
Miss Dody Goodman
Mr. Keir Dullea
Mr. Tennessee Williams
Mr & Mrs. E.B. McCutchen
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Murray
Miss Ethel Merman
Miss Tharon Muser
Mr. Cris Alexander
Beinicke Library
Catherine Spalding College
Mills College
Eugene O’Neill Memorial Theatre
Vincennes University
Provincetown Theatre on the Warf

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